T.I set to be released August 31st


T.I the king himself will be walking out the cold rooms tomorrow August 31st. Yezzur!!!!!!!
Nigga looks like he enjoys the place though. Wonder how long nigga will stay clean for.

MTV reports:

[box_dark]Sources have confirmed that the Atlanta rapper, currently serving an 11-month sentence in Forrest City Correctional Facility in Georgia for a parole violation after an L.A. drug arrest, will be released to a halfway house on August 31.[/box_dark]

Once again, the countdown begins. MTV has learned that T.I. will be released from prison the day after tomorrow, but will report immediately to a halfway house to wrap up the remainder of his sentence. The Kang was initially going to be released September 29.

Although his drug charges were dropped, T.I. returned to the Forrest City Correctional Facility in AR on November 1 for violating his probation. We’ll definitely be reading all about it soon, patna.

source: RR


The Crazy Animainiac. What more can one say about this Dumnut?