why cry… By: @turkish_nabs


Walk towards me sexy lady
the look in your eye, girl it drives me crazy
Make your lips glide all over me
make my heartbeat slow as if its lazy
the way you move them hips girl
always well done and quite precise, its amazing
R.I.P to my clothes at my feet to get the atmosphere blazing
come hither African princess
let me satisfy your freakiest fantasies

You want someone to hold and care for you
tomorrow i may still be here
maybe then you can ask that of me
for now we lay to rest all possible fears
as fear is not the reason i came here

Come now african princess
let me satisfy your freakiest interests
crazy ecstacy on this one night stand
true representation of a weekend special i am
we are done now but i didn’t get your name.

When you wake with no company you’ll understand
dont come to my door with tissues in hand
ready for a flood of tears to wet the land
apparent ineffectiveness of the rubber man

Come now African princess
i am only here to satisfy your freakiest interests
why cry
one night stand is all we had
no strings attached
i never was your boyfriend

By: Nqobile @turkish_nabs Ndlovu

The Crazy Animainiac. What more can one say about this Dumnut?